XR-empowered dynamic reality modeling for AECO applications

This project will innovate built environment digitization through dynamic reality modeling –a groundbreaking 3D modeling process with eXtended Reality (XR) technologies that simultaneously reconstructs –both seen and unseen– built environments, and interacts with these digital models in real-time to make real-world processes safer, more effective and more efficient.

The crucial steps in harnessing XR technologies to dynamically digitize and interact with digital built environments can be divided in three segments.

PhD Schema

Alignment of pre-recorded data with XR system

The first step is trying to align the real-time data from the XR device to pre-existing data that is stored somewhere in the cloud. This process be developed at three scales: global, local and fine.

Production of useful and complete objects

The production of useful shapes and appearances for multi-disciplinary applications

The Dynamic interaction between real and virtual environments

The dynamic interactions between real and virtual environments that will allow the use of these immersive technologies on an industrial scale