Hello, my name is Jelle

I am Jelle Vermandere, someone who can't go a day without creating something. Most of the time, it's something digital. Be it renderings, animations or games, I am always looking for the next challenge.


I can make visualisations for you

Do you need an image or animation of something that does not exist yet? My years of experience in animation and 3D modelling have given me the tools to create just that. Contact me and let's work together!

Have a look at some previous projects I worked on:

Aliplast Windows The Mobble Rectoraat Section
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I can create interactive experiences

Do you need more than a simple image or animation? I can create more complex applications that can react to user input, using the newest technologies like augmented reality and human tracking. Don't hesitate to contact me, so we can look what is possible.

Have a look at some previous projects I've created:

Pro Inline Skating Kuleuven Topography Game Ugent Aula Building
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I make video games

One of my side projects is creating video games. Video games allow me to merge all my different interests into one finished product. Most of them are playable for free.

Have a look at some of my released games:

Vr Room 1d Racer Handies Man
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And I make Youtube videos!

I make videos about making video games, click the play button to find out more:

Contact me!

Need something made digitally? Contact me and let's see what's possible: